To ensure Bianca (as a certified vaginal steam practitioner and uterine health advisor) and the team at Be You Beauty are best able to serve your feminine needs and ensure your experience is comfortable, we encourage you to fill out the YONI STEAMING EXPERIENCE QUESTIONNAIRE prior to proceeding with your booking.

Although vaginal steaming is a natural practice, Be You Beauty are still working with herbs which are a natural medicine and can have have sensitivities. For example, allergic reactions to certain weeds, flowers, etc. therefore this screening process is important.

This online screening consists of a few questions based on your gynaecological history. This is a FREE PRE-SCREENING service to ensure the best results. Answering these questions will allow Bianca to know if you can use a general steam or if you require a more customized blend.


Name *
Are you Yeast infection, Bacterial infection or UTI prone? If yes which one? *
Do you have brown blood at the beginning or end of your cycle? *
Do you suffer from cramps? *
Do you have blood clots? *
What color is your menstrual blood? *
Do you suffer from vaginal atrophy? (vaginal dryness) *
Do you have vaginal odor? *
Do you have a history of fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts or PCOS? If yes, which one? *
Does your period come every month? *
Do you suffer from season allergies? *
Are you always hot or cold? *
Do you consume a lot of sugars? *
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