Did you know that the average women puts up-to 516 chemicals on their bodies a day just with all the personal hygiene products that she uses daily? Most people count calories but aren't counting chemicals. What we put ON our bodies is just important as what we put IN our bodies. Our skin is one of the most important organs in our bodies and it absorbs 60% of what we put on it within the first 26 seconds. Rekindling the relationship between beauty and wellness, our product formulations are consciously made, incorporating lunar beauty.  


Thereby making all of our products based off the phases and energies of the moon. Be You Beauty is an all natural  product line made with love from everyday natural ingredients found in your kitchen. Made with loved ones in mind our products contain worry free ingredients, no harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, petroleum, silicone, artificial fragrance, and NO animal testing.  Our natural blends and gentle formulas make it a great product for everyone in your household ‍‍‍. Our products cater to all hair textures and all skin types (but work best with curly/kinky textured hair).  Our infamous CINNA baby masque is best known for its multi-purpose use, can be used as a pre-shampoo, deep conditioning masque, face masque and also soothes minor skin irritations. 

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As a divine, feminine healer and goddess of all things beauty, Bianca not only holds professional certifications in cosmetology, vaginal steaming and natural healing, but also provides the general care and answers to all of your feminine needs. Healing within Be You Beauty is provided through whole whole foods and Traditional Chinese Medicine and revolves around helping women secure their crowns from head to toe.

Bianca is confident in teaching women how to tap into their divine femininity, while reconnecting each woman with their true essence. Through this process, Bianca teaches all women to love and care for themselves through all phases of their health. Bianca’s passion to perfect a woman’s aesthetics began as a young child and quickly blossomed into a budding passion for the world of beauty and creativity. Aside from being a subject of personal fascination, Bianca personally sees the metamorphosis of a butterfly exemplifying delicateness and an unpredictable change to feminine pulchritude. The transformation, she believes, is both natural and spiritual and this is exactly what she aims to bring out in all women that she guides and cares for.

With an 8 year background in beauty, Bianca was named the winner of The RAW Hairstylist of The Year and has graced the glossy pages of magazine spreads, fashion shows, videos, television and more. While hair and makeup will always be her first love, Be You Beauty now focuses both on a women’s exterior appearance and an inner beauty as well.